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SingularityU Global embodies the alumni community of Singularity University. Our alumni are at the forefront of driving ideas, impact, and change using exponential technologies to address humanity's grand challenges in their communities.

Singularity University is a platform for education, innovation and action that is focused on under-standing how exponential technology can be leveraged to drive global impact. Singularity University aspires to create a global community of doers. SingularityU activities are designed in the spirit of Singularity University’s mission to empower our alumni community across the globe.

SingularityU Miami Chapter

SingularityU Miami Chapter is a local Chapter and community organization of Singularity University. We believe in bridging the creative and technology community and empowering an economy of exponential thinkers and doers in Miami.

SingularityU Miami Chapter is designed for anyone hungry to change the world. No matter your age, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion. Aspiring and successful entrepreneurs, technology and arts aficionados, geeks and curious ones are welcomed.

Singularity University

Singularity University (SU), a benefit corporation, educates, inspires and empowers leaders to apply exponential technologies to solve humanity’s grand challenges. SU is committed to creating positive and sustainable global impact through the billions of people who benefit from our programs and activities in three core areas: Education, Innovation and Community. SU’s global ecosystem of individuals, businesses, institutions, investors, and NGOs is active in more than 90 countries.

Leadership Team

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Yuda is a global executive who started and built highly successful businesses in technology, clean tech and financial services.

As President of ClimeCo, a clean tech integrator with clients in the U.S., Latin America and Asia, he provides the vision and direction for clean air projects that are now eliminating over 3 Million tons of carbon a year. Prior to that, Yuda was a Corporate Officer and Division President at Tech Data Corporation (TECD), the world's second largest distributor of IT products and services where he was a member of the team that grew the company from $1 Billion to $20 Billion. Before joining Tech Data, he also served as Vice President at American Express where he launched dozens of new products and services.

Yuda holds an MBA (1982) and a Corporate Director's Certification  (2004) from UCLA and a B.Sc. in Political Sciences from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese and conversational in German. When he is not on a plane meeting clients, raising funds or overseeing one of ClimeCo's projects, he is an angel investor and a member of the Ashoka Support Network where he helps social entrepreneurs build innovative companies. 


Jocelyn Cortez-Young is a sought-after CEO, advisor, investor and board member for social impact and technology businesses. A seasoned investor, she is dedicated to investing in scalable companies with a social impact and financial return. She founded Minerva Capital in 2009 and the investment portfolio spans the Americas. Her focus is venture and growth impact companies, especially in the education, health, services, and technology sectors. As a social impact innovator, Jocelyn focuses on applying disruptive technology to existing operating companies and to new spaces. As CEO and founder, Jocelyn raised millions from investors all around the world. Jocelyn holds a BS from Stern School of Business at NYU, an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and an OPM from Harvard Business School.



Carl Hildebrand is a social entrepreneur and cultural provocateur. Over the past 12 years, he has brought thousands of Miamians together through his work with MIAMI SOUP, PechaKucha Miami, Fuckup Nights Miami, and most recently SingularityU Miami Salon.  


As Founder and Director of MIAMI SOUP, Carl secured funding from the Knight Foundation in order to award micro-grants for social innovation projects.  Carl brought to Miami this unique international funding model which is a non-bureaucratic participatory budgeting format for the implementation of change at the local level. Over the past three years he has micro-funded six social good projects in the areas of theater, historic preservation, tribal arts, and urban gardening.


As Founder and Director of PechaKucha Miami, he has provided a platform where over 300 presenters from the local community could speak on wide-ranging topics including contemporary art, architecture, design, social media, computer animation, sustainability, HIV/AIDS, the slow food movement and more. Thirty of these popular evenings can be viewed at PechaKucha Miami as an on-line library of contemporary trends and issues within the broader Miami community.  PechaKucha, meaning “to chit chat” in Japanese, is an international network of creatives in 900 chapter cities worldwide who share ideas, projects and collaborations by 20 Power Point slides set to 20 seconds each.


Carl first came to Miami in 1996 to study at the University of Miami where he completed a triple major (Geography, Political Science and International Studies) in three years. He received a Master of Arts in International Affairs (Europe) from American University in Washington, DC graduating in 2002 as a Dean’s Scholar. He participated in The School of International Service’s European Comparative Studies Program which included the Graduate Research Center on Europe through the University of Trento (Italy). He continued studies at Trinity College at University of Oxford’s International Management Graduate Business Program.  Carl serves as Director of External Affairs for the Miami College of Design - Industrial Arts & Method opening in Wynwood the Fall of 2017.


Paul Natland is a teacher, mentor, connector.  His passion is connecting people with each other and with their future paths.  He is currently a teacher at Ransom Everglades High School in Coconut Grove, FL (which he also attended) and serves as the school's coordinator for the Experiential & Informal Learning Task Force, Summer Internships, and Physics.  He is also currently a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force and served as the Dean of the Junior Class for three years.  Since becoming a teacher there in 2008, he has received the Arthur Moses Faculty Award (for outstanding leadership, a different slant on teaching, and a strong set of values: honor, integrity, and respect) and the Student Government's Outstanding Teacher Award.

His passion for exponential thinking and technologies exploded after attending Singularity University’s Exponential Innovation Program (EIP) and has only grown since.  He is interested in disrupting education and thinking about how to best prepare the next generation of leaders to help craft our exponentially changing world.

Paul earned his Bachelor of Science in Physics from The George Washington University and he is currently pursuing a Masters in Applied Data Science through the University of Michigan’s School of Information.


Digital Evangelist looking to spark consciousness about Sustainable Development through Technology


Technology is our best chance to ensure sustainable development, help eradicate poverty, hunger, corruption and inequality, according to Fernando Garcia a well-traveled senior executive with a long and storied track record in leading digital transformation for companies, government and institutions across Latin America and Europe. He has witnessed firsthand how technology holds the possibility of transforming lives and society, which has stoked his passion about the relationship between technology and how it can be applied toward fostering a better quality of life for all of humankind.


A digital philosopher at heart, Fernando sees the benefits of technology transformation at the environmental and human levels. Speaking at business, technology and academic forums, he shares his thoughts on how technology helps further realize energy efficiencies and ultimately reduce our environmental footprint. He believes that technological transformation is at the crux of helping to fulfill the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Agenda, as it has the potential of fostering inclusion and eliminate digital analphabetism.


In addition to being an expert in sustainable development, energy efficiency and digital transformation, Fernando is a sought after expert on such trending technology topic areas as 5G, IOT, Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, data center transformation, cloud and edge computing. Fernando brings a global perspective that comes with experience he has amalgamated throughout his career that includes leadership positions across Europe and Latin America. Fernando is currently Vice President and General Manager of Vertiv Latin America.


Douglas leads Xennial Digital, a Miami-based tech company focused on building eXtended Reality platforms and solutions through Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies.


As part of his vision to transform the way people learn, Douglas leads a highly specialized team of architects, engineers, digital creatives and executives who are building the next generation of immersive, impact-driven education and corporate training platforms and solutions.

Throughout his career, Douglas has focused on the convergence of creativity and technology, actively leading enterprise-level projects for global companies such as Tiffany & Company, Sotheby’s International Realty, Celebrity Cruises, Adobe, Apple, HP, Microsoft, Royal Caribbean and Sony, among other Fortune 500 clients.


Xennial Digital is Douglas’ third startup.


Eduardo Balarezo is a former financier, business executive and social entrepreneur who currently leads MIND SHIFT IMPACT. Eduardo focuses his expertise in systems thinking, alternative futures and adventure learning to design Expeditionary Leadership Programs in helping individuals achieve meaningful personal and professional transitions in today’s Impact Economy. 


Eduardo is also a recognized social entrepreneur and founder of the retail brand Lonesome George & Co.. He channeled his passion for business, adventure learning and social impact to teach youth about courage and compassion founding and developing Academy of Agents of Change. As a recognized social innovator, Eduardo was nominated as a remarkable individual and included in the 100 “Visionary Leaders" list in 2015 by Real Leaders publication and served as Outward Bound International Board Member for two terms. Eduardo is an expeditionary leader; conservation advocate and 2016 TEDx Speaker


Eduardo holds a BA from Brown University; a Global Executive Business Programme from IESE-Wharton-CEIBS and he is working to complete his MS in Foresight and Strategic Thinking from UHCL. Eduardo currently lives in South Florida with his wife and 4 children where he teaches for the social entrepreneurship degree at The Watson Institute.


I have a somewhat diverse background, which has given me a variety of competencies, and expertise in different domains. From my PhD in neuroscience and complex systems, I have scientific, mathematical, statistical, modeling and some coding skills -- an understanding of networks and their dynamics, complexity science, and the science of coordination dynamics. My research was in computational cognitive neuroscience, and focused on complex information flow in large scale brain networks that subserve cognitive processes like attention, working memory, and perception; utilizing concepts like self-organization, emergence, pattern formation, nonlinear dynamics, chaos, information theory, and time series analysis. From my graduate work in philosophy, I have strong writing skills, critical thinking, logical, ethical, conceptual, analytical/problem solving, and strong communication skills, as well as being able to understand the "big picture" -- seeing the forest for the trees. My concentrations within philosophy are: philosophy of mind/consciousness (embodied cognition), philosophy of science (including biology and physics), moral philosophy (including metaethics), philosophy of economics, and philosophy of religion. I also am currently an adjunct professor teaching philosophy, critical thinking, psychology and comparative religion at Miami Dade College in Miami, FL. My bachelors degree is in astrophysics and space sciences, and used to work for NASA in DC.


Overall, my three main passions are: fitness/exercise and functional movement (especially how that relates to the brain and a conceptual framework called embodied cognition), science communication (especially public speaking), science policy and scientific literacy, and all things brain, including brain computer interface, nootropics and cognitive enhancement, biohacking, neurotechnology, and brain related disorders.


Finally, my fitness website is

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